Welcome to Hyena Magazine, the magazine that made it laugh.

Every week, one for each day of the week, seven new general knowledge and music facts, jokes, strange thoughts and why questions are added to this bumper bundle of fun. You will surprised by what you read and you will smile as the content hits your funny bone.

Created by BAFTA Nominated entertainer, Richard Digance, it is a collection of fun facts that began over 50 years ago when Richard contributed as a writer and performer on BBC Radio 2's Stop The World starring satirical celebrity Bernard Braden. 

You may have heard some of the content before as it has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows since those early days with the BBC and many facts and jokes have found their way into other performer's repertoires over the years, but here they are in their entirety. 

Just sit back and have a FREE laugh on Richard. As far as we know, all the facts and figures are correct but some may well have changed over the years and so please accept any minor inaccuracies due to the longevity of the content. It's only meant to be fun after all.

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